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The world of blonding is a large spectrum that Jaycie is an expert at. With years of experience and Oligo’s powerful but gentle lightener and long lasting and true to tone glosses, you can rest assured that Jaycie can deliver whatever blonde dreams you’re after!

Jaycie is equipped with the highest Oligo quality color, the latest in techniques, and is time efficient with her application. As an Oligo color educator Jaycie can create a dynamic range of dimensional looks! Show her the photos and answer a few questions and she’ll have you quickly on the path to your new look that is healthy, and shiny in no time!

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Jaycie is an educator and handtied hair extension line owner, Crowned & co. Years of practice has led to this use of weft extension technique to masterfully craft gorgeous results for every client using premium hair and color. Clients fall in love with their hair of their dreams and Jaycie can make any color combination you can think of!

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"She is all about making her clients look good so that they feel good and confident."

 "I’ve gone to Jaycie multiple times now & she even did my wedding hair (I looked bomb by the way!! Thanks to Jaycie)! She is all about making her clients look good so that they feel good and confident. She also wants her services to be done the right way the first time so whether that’s extensions (love my hand tied extensions by her), a cut, or a color - it’s done beautifully!!! Love her as a person, what her brand stands for, and what she does!!"

"She 100% gave me the hair of my dreams."

 "Jaycie is an absolute hair GODDESS!!!!!! I had been trying to find someone who specialized in hand tied extensions, and she more than exceeded my expectations! She 100% gave me the hair of my dreams. They blend perfectly, no one can tell that they are even extensions!! Jaycie is so welcoming and makes you feel like a queen in her chair. So yeah, 15/10 would recommend her!!!"

"the best hair experience of my life." 

 "Literally the best hair experience of my life. So much haircut anxiety up till this point and Jaycie just took that all away and made me and my hair feel amazing! And her space is so cute, absolutely loved getting bougie with the queen of hair! Thank you so much Jaycie, can’t wait to see you again!"

"I came to Jaycie with an absolute mess. She assured me everything would be OK."

"I came to Jaycie with an absolute mess. Damaged hair in need of a major color correction. She assured me everything would be OK. She first did a color correction and then added extensions that she custom colored to match my new hair. I think I was in shock. I had never been so happy with my hair in my 32 years of life. She’s fun to be around, brilliant in her industry and just a dang good human. Happy to have met her and going to keep her for as long as I possibly can! Thank you sweet lady!"

"I’ve never felt so connected and cared for by any stylist EVER!"

"I’ve been going to Jaycie and could not recommend her enough! From her amazing, bubbly, happy personality to her eye for hair and doing what’s going to look best on you and for you! I trust Jaycie with all of my hair needs; color corrections, low lights, balayage, or something brand new, I could tell her to surprise me - with full faith that I’ll love the results! Our visits are genuinely so enjoyable and stress free. I’ve never felt so connected and cared for by any stylist EVER!  I would 10/10 recommend her for anything that you need!

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Come visit me and experience the ultimate salon experience and the best Salem, OR has to offer! As owner of The Jaycie Collective, my vision was to create an oasis for luxury hair and lash extensions. We are the muse makers you can trust for elite looks tailored to you.

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