Salem's solution for hair loss! From stem cell treatments to the new CombLine technique, Jaycie offers never before seen treatments for hair loss or thinning.

Nano, tape ins, handtied extensions and Combline extensions make up the bulk of Jaycie’s clientele. With a wide array of option jaycie is a master at creating blended, comfortable, and scalp safe extension looks.

Hair loss treatments

Hair extensions

Dimensional Color

As a master colorist, Jaycie can do it all when it comes to color but her favorite is when there’s dimensions of both lighter and darker pieces that enhance the clients natural hair.

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A lived in colorist and master stylist in Salem, OR

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Muse Moments

"The environment is amazing and inviting and I always leave feeling like the best version of myself!

Jaycie is true hair artist and is always looking for new ways to elevate client experience! All the stylists are knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming! Could not ask for more in quality, experience and service!! Truly impeccable!"

- Emily Brock 

"After seeing her for years now, I can say whenever I leave Jaycie’s chair I always feel confident and beautiful.

She is highly educated and seems to never stop learning. She provides a fun, luxurious, and inviting setting in her salon. If you get the chance to get to know her you will soon know that she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is out. The other women at this establishment share many of the same work ethic and values. Any of the stylists at the Jaycie Collective are worth putting your trust in to."

- Cookie boyd

"Loved it! Went to get haircut couple months ago and I walked out of the salon feeling like a queen. 

That was my first experience to go to salon in USA and I was so happy that I choose that one. Well even I have a long straight hair and I don’t do much with it now to go to hair salon will be my priority same as get my nails done.

Girls are amazing. Jaycie is very veeery friendly and fun. Salon looks beautiful. If you feel like prices a little out of your budget trust me it worth every penny."

- Olesia miller


In addition to feeling pampered, and hair you love, here is a bit more about you can expect from me

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My self-care looks like:

Night out with friends, spa day, reading fantasy smut all day

Favorite beauty/style trend right now:

Warm tones! Golden blonde’s and copper browns styled with lots of volume!

Outside of the Salon you can find me:

Traveling the world or on my couch 

Slightly obsessed with:

Fantasy smut books and Nala my puppy

If you want to get me talking, ask me about:

Sarah J Mass 

You might be surprised to learn that:

I'm only 5 feet tall

If I'm picking the vibe, it's going to be:

Upbeat anything!

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Come visit me and experience the ultimate salon experience and the best Salem, OR has to offer! As owner of The Jaycie Collective, my vision was to create an oasis for luxury hair and lash extensions. We are the muse makers you can trust for elite looks tailored to you.